retail stores


You can find Red Handed Rubber Stamps at the following retail stores:

Flax Art and Design (San Francisco/Fort Mason and Downtown Oakland)

Analog Vintage (Washington, DC)

Stampa Fe/Guadalupe’s Fun Rubber Stamps (Santa Fe, NM)

The Ink Pad (New York City, NY)

Kept Creations (Whitman. MA)


2 thoughts on “retail stores

    • Hello M’Lady! —

      Thanks for getting in touch! It’s always great to hear from you, and such an honor as well.
      In regards to your question about snail mail ordering: currently, I am only offering wholesale-to-the-trade. However, you are invited to take a look at the “products” page of the website and then contact one of the stores listed on the “retail” page. The Ink Pad in NYC stocks the full line of RHR stamps and is more than happy to ship anywhere in the US.
      Again — thanks for getting in touch! I have a “Care(ol) Package” that’s been sitting on my desk for ages, set to mail to you…but then I decide to add something more to it…and then weeks go by, and I think to myself “just MAIL THE THING already!” I promise: very soon.

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