Red Handed Gallery: JU13 from SF, CA…


Some of the first “shared mail” of 2015 is actually mail that arrived at the RHR PO box back in October 2014. Ooops — remember when I mentioned in a previous post how crazy-busy October was? Yep. It was like that.

JU13_01_close up_02

San Francisco gal JU13 and I have been long-time correspondents. Clever collage skills and bountiful use of rubber stamps hallmark each and every piece of mail JU13 mail that arrives at my box. The envelope above was sent around October 31st…

JU13_02_close up_01

…while this postcard was sent a few days earlier (Oct. 27th, to be exact.) I love the fact that the postal “spray cancel” (a finger turning off a light switch) is splattered right over the top of that dame’s nose; could it be a co-incidence? Or a post office prank?

Keep on mailin’ in the new year!



Red Handed Gallery: The Punk Bassoon Connection in CA…


Incoming mail from Ryan of The Punk Bassoon Connection! I’m especially fond of the way that “special delivery” stamp looks with red ink.

(RHR stamps used: RHR04 “special delivery”, RHR10 “attention: philatelic mail”)


The back of this envelope is just as fanciful as the front, combining super-great “don’t try this at home” and “classified” rubber stamps with washi tape.


As always, receiving a hand written letter from TPBC is a treat to read. I don’t know how he does it, but invariably Ryan’s letters arrive at my PO box at the precise moment I manage to be experiencing the very thing he’s writing about in the enclosed letter. That’s some top-notch postal synchronicity, I’d say.

Thanks so much to The Punk Bassoon Connection for sending this wonderful missive! Want to see your work featured here? Send a piece of mail incorporating Red Handed Rubber Stamps to our PO Box and we’ll make sure to post it up ASAP.

Keep stampin’ here/there/everywhere!


Red Handed Gallery: Cheryl L. in NY…

incoming postcard from Cheryl L.

incoming postcard from Cheryl L.

Here at Red Handed Rubber, we are big fans of all things postal (especially postage stamps you can lick — yeah, we’re funny that way…) But one of the things we really really love is receiving incredible artwork in the mail – especially if it incorporates Red Handed stamps!

reverse side, incoming postcard by Cheryl L.

reverse side, incoming postcard by Cheryl L.

It’s been my pleasure to meet Cheryl on various trips to NYC; we’ve been corresponding for a year or two via the mail. When we met for the first time, I knew she was my kind of stamper; when asked about the “cute” versus “weird” rubber stamp debate, she replied, “All weird, all the time; there’s no looking back.”

Thanks to Cheryl for sending this wonderful postcard to the RH HQ! I’ll be posting more photos of incoming mail/artwork which incorporates Red Handed stamps in the future — keep an eye out…

Hope your week’s been stamp-tastic!