Red Handed Gallery: JU13 from SF, CA…


Some of the first “shared mail” of 2015 is actually mail that arrived at the RHR PO box back in October 2014. Ooops — remember when I mentioned in a previous post how crazy-busy October was? Yep. It was like that.

JU13_01_close up_02

San Francisco gal JU13 and I have been long-time correspondents. Clever collage skills and bountiful use of rubber stamps hallmark each and every piece of mail JU13 mail that arrives at my box. The envelope above was sent around October 31st…

JU13_02_close up_01

…while this postcard was sent a few days earlier (Oct. 27th, to be exact.) I love the fact that the postal “spray cancel” (a finger turning off a light switch) is splattered right over the top of that dame’s nose; could it be a co-incidence? Or a post office prank?

Keep on mailin’ in the new year!



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