in the store: RHR visits Oblation Papers & Press in Portland, OR…


Well, your intrepid rubber stamp monger (that’s me!) has done plenty of galavanting around these last few weeks! It was my supreme pleasure to stop by Oblation Papers & Press in Portland over the holidays while visiting my family.


From the first moment inside the store, I felt like I had come home. The hustle and bustle of shoppers, displays of stationery and hand bound journals, the constant clank of Chandler & Price presses — these were my people.


Although distracted by beautifully printed calendars and the process of handmade paper being created in the store’s “Urban Paper Mill”, I was a woman on a mission. Where were the rubber stamps? And specifically: where were the Red Handed rubber stamps? I was soon directed to a swoon-worthy corner of the store…


(what you can’t see: the stacks of airmail and glassine envelopes filled with vintage postage!)

“stationery with an ‘e’ ” and “book post” seemed especially appropriate here, all things considered! And based on the remaining inventory at the time, I’d say a few folks received RHR from Mr. Claus.


Because it was precariously close to Christmas Day, I scooped up a couple of last minute gifts. I may or may not have picked up a treat for myself as well. (how can anyone resist that display of bookbinding tools, so close to the register?!?!)

Should you find yourself in NW Portland with a bit of free time on your hands, visiting Oblation is the perfect thing to inspire, whether you’re looking for a timeless fountain pen or a perfectly pressed bon mot. What can I say? There’s no substitute for sublime shopping experiences.


PS: I would like to give a special thank you to Norrie at Oblation who kindly let me take photos inside the store and be a bit fan-girly. Thanks a bundle!


in the store: RHR visits Once Around in Mill Valley, CA!

come inside!

Right before the Christmas insanity, I had the great good fortune to visit Once Around in Mill Valley, CA. This charming, cheerful storefront was the perfect antidote for a rainy day (and boy, was it RAINING.)

inside the shop

If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit Once Around, you’re missing out on something special. What is that something? Why, a little bit of EVERYTHING…

bottles of baubles

(five-n-dime baubles, for sale in glass jars…)

wall o fabric

(fabric color coded and stacked in cubbies…)

RHR on the shelf_01

(a fine selection of Red Handed Rubber stamps!)

Once Around is your one-stop-shopping adventure for rubber stamping goods, RHR or otherwise! Look at that beautiful “airmail” rubber stamp! And how about that gent writing letters in the lower left hand corner?…

ink pads

Every color of the stamp pad rainbow is represented here…

RHR on the shelf_02

However, your eyes keep returning to the incredible selection of rubber stamps! Tiny arrow by RHR? They’ve got it! How about “by airmail” or “good for one ride in San Francisco”? Once Around can help you out.

Helpful staffers are knowledgeable in all aspects of crafting, sewing, and creating: questions are encouraged and opinions are freely given (in the right kind of way!) Classes and workshops on offer are a great way for all age groups to acquire new skills. Can’t make it to a workshop? The Once Around blog features a “Craft of the Week” that is sure to get you creating.

Stamping it up all over the place —


Red Handed Gallery: JU13 from SF, CA…


Some of the first “shared mail” of 2015 is actually mail that arrived at the RHR PO box back in October 2014. Ooops — remember when I mentioned in a previous post how crazy-busy October was? Yep. It was like that.

JU13_01_close up_02

San Francisco gal JU13 and I have been long-time correspondents. Clever collage skills and bountiful use of rubber stamps hallmark each and every piece of mail JU13 mail that arrives at my box. The envelope above was sent around October 31st…

JU13_02_close up_01

…while this postcard was sent a few days earlier (Oct. 27th, to be exact.) I love the fact that the postal “spray cancel” (a finger turning off a light switch) is splattered right over the top of that dame’s nose; could it be a co-incidence? Or a post office prank?

Keep on mailin’ in the new year!