October: whatta whirlwind!

spooky RHR

October is one of my favorite months of the year: pumpkin pie, spooky Halloween decorations, and (believe it or not) a lot of birthday parties for friends (and my mum!) But 2014’s October has been exceptional and it’s not over yet!

spooky 02

Remember in that previous blog post when I mentioned there would be store announcements for two new Red Handed venues? Well, due to the phenomena which I have recently dubbed “Awesome October”, there are FOUR new stores in three different cities where you can get your Red Handed fix!

Oblation Papers: Portland, OR

Analog Vintage: Washington, DC

Castle In The Air: Berkeley, CA

Once Around: Mill Valley, CA

do it now

Having visited each store in person, I can say without hesitation that each one is a treasure chest of paper-y goodness, letter writing delights, and all sorts of gifts for giving. It is an honor to be on the shelves at Castle, Oblation, Analog, and Once Around because I am a huge, HUGE fan of each store (and the dear folks who run them.)

Don’t be shy — take a mini vacation and feast your eyes if you find yourself in the neighborhood of one of these fine establishments. I promise: it’s ABSOLUTELY worth it! (and you may end up finding a little “must have” treat for yourself…)

Stamping like a fiend —




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