in the store: The Ink Pad NYC

photo by Michael Trent via The Ink Pad's FB page

photo by Michael Trent via The Ink Pad’s FB page

Last month, Red Handed Rubber made a trip from west coast to “the east” (a.ka. New York City), which was exciting enough in and of itself. It’s an incredible city to visit and this time around was no exception. One of the highlights of the trip was stopping by rubber stamp wonderland The Ink Pad NYC to see Red Handed Rubber on the shelves!

photo via Time Out NYC

photo via Time Out NYC

TIP is at the center of NYC’s rubber stamp community; The New York Times has written about them and it is one of the only rubber stamp outposts in Manhattan. Their selection is beyond compare and the staff is always wonderfully friendly. TIP also has the honor of being our first wholesale client, so they hold a special place in our Red Handed heart.


Catching a glimpse of Red Handed Rubber stamps on their shelves was indescribable — sort of like Fourth of July and Christmas all wrapped up together…



little arrows hold their own!

little arrows hold their own!

…and looking closer, I realized that store staffers had set up a special section for Red Handed Rubber! Surrounded by beautiful vintage paper packs, airmail envelopes from Japan, and an assortment of postal seals/stickers, Red Handed Rubber looked right at home. What a treat!



After a bit of socializing and stamping (sounds like heaven, yes?) I took my leave, in order to explore the great big wide expanse known as NYC. If you find yourself at the right place at the right time (New York City, the corner of 7th Avenue and 13th Street, during business hours) why hesitate? Stop by, say hello, and get caught Red Handed!


note: if you are interested in seeing Red Handed Rubber at your favorite local stamping store, feel free to encourage them to get in touch! Jennie of Red Handed Rubber can be reached at:



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